Tickle This: Do I Have A Tickling Fetish?

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I’m extremely ticklish and think I have a tickling fetish. Any advice for the future or even now?

A tickling fetish is loosely defined as the love of tickling games: “Any interpersonal or social activities involving the tickling of one person by another. Many people find tickling to be a pleasurable experience in its own right, but also an erotic experience.” These games can be included in foreplay or as an activity enjoyed unto itself. While pathologizing is something that tends to be avoided for say, sexual stigma reasons, tickling fetishes can be categorized into two sub-genres: Knismolagnia is arousal from tickling and Acarophilia, (not to be confused with knismolagnia), refers to arousal from scratching. In their extreme form, both can be considered a sexual obsession. On less obsessive end of the scale, these can be considered something atypical on the heteronormative scale of what is “arousing,” landing it …

Tickling Fetish—What Is It, and How to Sexually Tickle Your Partner

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The official terminology for tickling fetishism is known as knismolagnia (or knismophilia or titillagnia) which is sexual arousal derived from tickling someone or the sensation of being tickled themselves. Knismolagnia, comes from Knismesis, which is a light form of tickling like when a bug tickles the hairs on your arms, whereas gargalesis is the term for heavy tickling, which is intended to produce laughter.

Tickling is a harmless practice that most of us have enjoyed innocently as infants and children, with games like “This little piggy”, and “Tickle Monster”.

As teens and young adults, tickling fights are often part of our introduction to playful touch as a sexual gateway to flirting, feeling up your girlfriend or fondling a newfound crush.

Tickling can be a fun way to become intimidate with someone, to touch, to tease and to flirt.

Tickling can be very childlike, amusing, exciting, and even erotic to some. …

Tickling Fetishism Explored

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“My friend’s sister always asked me to tickle her, and I would. Then one day I was tickling her and she climaxed and kissed me. It freaked me out because I wasn’t tickling near her private parts. I thought that maybe it was a one-time thing, so I tickled her two more times on different occasions, and she climaxed both times” (posting on the ‘Is It Normal?’ website)

There are hundreds of sexual paraphilias of which little is known. One of the most obscure paraphilias but which is definitely known to exist is knismolagnia (also referred to as knismolagnia). According to Dr. Anil Aggrawal in his 2009 book Forensic and Medico-legal Aspects of Sexual Crimes and Unusual Sexual Practices, knismophilia is a paraphilia in which individuals derive sexual pleasure and arousal from tickling or being tickled (and is also known as titillagnia). The ‘Right Diagnosis’ website claims the symptoms of …

What makes latex underwear the best gift for your man?

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If you are looking for underwear gift ideas for men, you might want to consider latex. This material has been around for centuries. It is all around us, and it’s one of the most popular things in the world. If you are wondering why latex underwear is the best gift for men, we are here to give you the answer. 

Latex underwear for men aren’t expensive

If we compare latex underwear for men to other materials, the first thing we can notice is the price difference, which can be a key factor for many people. Not everyone is willing to spend a fortune on underwear, especially when you can find an excellent product for a lower price. 

Luckily, the majority of latex products are affordable, and underwear made of this material is significantly cheaper compared to the alternative. As a result, you can buy as many pairs as you want

What is it like to be a woman who has a Pteronphilia Fetish?

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Have you ever heard of pteronphilia? It is a rather interesting fetish that is not as common as we’d think. But what is pteronphilia for women, how does it manifest, and why is this kink so exciting? 

It’s Rarer Than You Think

The first thing we need to talk about is the definition of this kink. People with pteronphilia get sexual arousal from being tickled. Usually, this refers to the idea of being tickled by feathers, and many women with this kink enjoy tickle torture. 


But one of the things you need to understand is that this kink is not as common as you’d think. It is just one of many subcategories of the tickle fetish. Some enjoy watching other people get tickled, while others love incorporating tickling into their sexual activities. One thing we can agree on is that this is a one-of-a-kind obsession enjoyed by women. 


How to Take Control with Face Strapon Dildos

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Face Strap-on dildos are pure sexy. If face-fuck is something that excites you to the core, these dildos are your go-to toy. Also known as chin strap dildos, these dildos sit on your face and the dildo hangs from your chin, keeping your mouth free. Whether you are a man or a woman, a face strap-on dildo will be just amazing for you.

Face strap-on dildos make amazing props for BDSM plays. There are various ways how you can use face strap-on dildos in your BDSM sessions. The great part is both the dom and the sub and sport the chin-strap dildos and explore the depths of BDSM plays. The post below offers a brief on how you can take control with face strap-on dildos in your dom-sub adventures.

Get oral from your sub

An invigorating oral from sub sets the perfect prelude to any amazing BDSM session. You can …